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The two-level Newton method and its application to electronic simulation

Keiter, Eric R.; Hutchinson, Scott A.; Hoekstra, Robert J.; Russo, Thomas V.; Rankin, Eric R.

Coupling between transient simulation codes of different fidelity can often be performed at the nonlinear solver level, if the time scales of the two codes are similar. A good example is electrical mixed-mode simulation, in which an analog circuit simulator is coupled to a PDE-based semiconductor device simulator. Semiconductor simulation problems, such as single-event upset (SEU), often require the fidelity of a mesh-based device simulator but are only meaningful when dynamically coupled with an external circuit. For such problems a mixed-level simulator is desirable, but the two types of simulation generally have different (somewhat conflicting) numerical requirements. To address these considerations, we have investigated variations of the two-level Newton algorithm, which preserves tight coupling between the circuit and the PDE device, while optimizing the numerics for both. The research was done within Xyce, a massively parallel electronic simulator under development at Sandia National Laboratories.