Publications / SAND Report

The Portals 4.1 Network Programming Interface

Barrett, Brian W.; Brightwell, Ronald B.; Grant, Ryan E.; Hemmert, Karl S.; Pedretti, Kevin P.; Wheeler, Kyle W.; Underwood, Keith; Riesen, Rolf R.; Maccabe, Arthur B.; Hudson, Trammel H.

This report presents a specification for the Portals 4 networ k programming interface. Portals 4 is intended to allow scalable, high-performance network communication betwee n nodes of a parallel computing system. Portals 4 is well suited to massively parallel processing and embedded syste ms. Portals 4 represents an adaption of the data movement layer developed for massively parallel processing platfor ms, such as the 4500-node Intel TeraFLOPS machine. Sandia's Cplant cluster project motivated the development of Version 3.0, which was later extended to Version 3.3 as part of the Cray Red Storm machine and XT line. Version 4 is tar geted to the next generation of machines employing advanced network interface architectures that support enh anced offload capabilities.