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The case for semi-permanent cache occupancy

Dosanjh, Matthew D.; Ghazimirsaeed, S.M.; Grant, Ryan E.; Schonbein, William W.; Levenhagen, Michael J.; Bridges, Patrick G.; Afsahi, Ahmad

The performance critical path for MPI implementations relies on fast receive side operation, which in turn requires fast list traversal. The performance of list traversal is dependent on data-locality; whether the data is currently contained in a close-to-core cache due to its temporal locality or if its spacial locality allows for predictable pre-fetching. In this paper, we explore the effects of data locality on the MPI matching problem by examining both forms of locality. First, we explore spacial locality, by combining multiple entries into a single linked list element, we can control and modify this form of locality. Secondly, we explore temporal locality by utilizing a new technique called “hot caching”, a process that creates a thread to periodically access certain data, increasing its temporal locality. In this paper, we show that by increasing data locality, we can improve MPI performance on a variety of architectures up to 4x for micro-benchmarks and up to 2x for an application.