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Taxonomist: Application Detection Through Rich Monitoring Data

Ates, Emre; Tuncer, Ozan; Turk, Ata; Leung, Vitus J.; Brandt, James M.; Egele, Manuel; Coskun, Ayse K.

Modern supercomputers are shared among thousands of users running a variety of applications. Knowing which applications are running in the system can bring substantial benefits: knowledge of applications that intensively use shared resources can aid scheduling; unwanted applications such as cryptocurrency mining or password cracking can be blocked; system architects can make design decisions based on system usage. However, identifying applications on supercomputers is challenging because applications are executed using esoteric scripts along with binaries that are compiled and named by users. This paper introduces a novel technique to identify applications running on supercomputers. Our technique, Taxonomist, is based on the empirical evidence that applications have different and characteristic resource utilization patterns. Taxonomist uses machine learning to classify known applications and also detect unknown applications. We test our technique with a variety of benchmarks and cryptocurrency miners, and also with applications that users of a production supercomputer ran during a 6 month period. We show that our technique achieves nearly perfect classification for this challenging data set.