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Synchronous and concurrent multidomain computing method for cloud computing platforms

Anguiano, Marcelino; Kuberry, Paul A.; Bochev, Pavel B.; Masud, Arif

We present a numerical method for synchronous and concurrent solution of transient elastodynamics problem where the computational domain is divided into subdomains that may reside on separate computational platforms. This work employs the variational multiscale discontinuous Galerkin (VMDG) method to develop interdomain transmission conditions for transient problems. The fine-scale modeling concept leads to variationally consistent coupling terms at the common interfaces. The method admits a large class of time discretization schemes, and decoupling of the solution for each subdomain is achieved by selecting any explicit algorithm. Numerical tests with a manufactured solution problem show optimal convergence rates. The energy history in a free vibration problem is in agreement with that of the solution from a monolithic computational domain.