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Stitch It Up: Using Progressive Data Storage to Scale Science

Lofstead, Jay; Mitchell, John A.; Chen, Enze

Generally, scientific simulations load the entire simulation domain into memory because most, if not all, of the data changes with each time step. This has driven application structures that have, in turn, affected the design of popular IO libraries, such as HDF-5, ADIOS, and NetCDF. This assumption makes sense for many cases, but there is also a significant collection of simulations where this approach results in vast swaths of unchanged data written each time step.This paper explores a new IO approach that is capable of stitching together a coherent global view of the total simulation space at any given time. This benefit is achieved with no performance penalty compared to running with the full data set in memory, at a radically smaller process requirement, and results in radical data reduction with no fidelity loss. Additionally, the structures employed enable online simulation monitoring.