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RMA-MT: A Benchmark Suite for Assessing MPI Multi-threaded RMA Performance

Dosanjh, Matthew D.; Groves, Taylor G.; Grant, Ryan E.; Brightwell, Ronald B.; Bridges, Patrick G.

Reaching Exascale will require leveraging massive parallelism while potentially leveraging asynchronous communication to help achieve scalability at such large levels of concurrency. MPI is a good candidate for providing the mechanisms to support communication at such large scales. Two existing MPI mechanisms are particularly relevant to Exascale: multi-threading, to support massive concurrency, and Remote Memory Access (RMA), to support asynchronous communication. Unfor-tunately, multi-threaded MPI RMA code has not been extensively studied. Part of the reason for this is that no public benchmarks or proxy applications exist to assess its performance. The contributions of this paper are the design and demonstration of the first available proxy applications and micro-benchmark suite for multi-threaded RMA in MPI, a study of multi-threaded RMA performance of different MPI implementations, and an evaluation of how these benchmarks can be used to test development for both performance and correctness.