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Recycling Krylov subspaces for sequences of linear systems

Parks, Michael L.; De Sturler, Eric; Mackey, Greg; Johnson, Duane D.; Maiti, Spandan

Many problems in science and engineering require the solution of a long sequence of slowly changing linear systems. We propose and analyze two methods that significantly reduce the total number of matrix-vector products required to solve all systems. We consider the general case where both the matrix and right-hand side change, and we make no assumptions regarding the change in the right-hand sides. Furthermore, we consider general nonsingular matrices, and we do not assume that all matrices are pairwise close or that the sequence of matrices converges to a particular matrix. Our methods work well under these general assumptions, and hence form a significant advancement with respect to related work in this area. We can reduce the cost of solving subsequent systems in the sequence by recycling selected subspaces generated for previous systems. We consider two approaches that allow for the continuous improvement of the recycled subspace at low cost. We consider both Hermitian and non-Hermitian problems, and we analyze our algorithms both theoretically and numerically to illustrate the effects of subspace recycling. We also demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithms for a range of applications from computational mechanics, materials science, and computational physics. © 2006 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.