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Radd runtimes: Radical and different distributed runtimes with smartnics

Grant, Ryan E.; Schonbein, William W.; Levy, Scott

As network speeds increase, the overhead of processing incoming messages is becoming onerous enough that many manufacturers now provide network interface cards (NICs) with offload capabilities to handle these overheads. This increase in NIC capabilities creates an opportunity to enable computation on data in-situ on the NIC. These enhanced NICs can be classified into several different categories of SmartNICs. SmartNICs present an interesting opportunity for future runtime software designs. Designing runtime software to be located in the network as opposed to the host level leads to new radical distributed runtime possibilities that were not practical prior to SmartNICs. In the process of transitioning to a radically different runtime software design for SmartNICs there are intermediary steps of migrating current runtime software to be offloaded onto a SmartNIC that also present interesting possibilities. This paper will describe SmartNIC design and how SmartNICs can be leveraged to offload current generation runtime software and lead to future radically different in-network distributed runtime systems.