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Probing quantum processor performance with pyGSTi

Nielsen, Erik N.; Rudinger, Kenneth M.; Proctor, Timothy J.; Russo, Antonio R.; Young, Kevin; Blume-Kohout, Robin J.

PyGSTi is a Python software package for assessing and characterizing the performance of quantum computing processors. It can be used as a standalone application, or as a library, to perform a wide variety of quantum characterization, verification, and validation (QCVV) protocols on as-built quantum processors. We outline pyGSTi's structure, and what it can do, using multiple examples. We cover its main characterization protocols with end-to-end implementations. These include gate set tomography, randomized benchmarking on one or many qubits, and several specialized techniques. We also discuss and demonstrate how power users can customize pyGSTi and leverage its components to create specialized QCVV protocols and solve user-specific problems.