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On the path to exascale

Alvin, Kenneth F.; Barrett, Brian B.; Brightwell, Ronald B.; Dosanjh, Sudip S.; Geist, Al; Hemmert, Karl S.; Heroux, Michael; Kothe, Doug; Murphy, Richard C.; Nichols, Jeff; Oldfield, Ron A.; Rodrigues, Arun; Vetter, Jeffrey S.

There is considerable interest in achieving a 1000 fold increase in supercomputing power in the next decade, but the challenges are formidable. In this paper, the authors discuss some of the driving science and security applications that require Exascale computing (a million, trillion operations per second). Key architectural challenges include power, memory, interconnection networks and resilience. The paper summarizes ongoing research aimed at overcoming these hurdles. Topics of interest are architecture aware and scalable algorithms, system simulation, 3D integration, new approaches to system-directed resilience and new benchmarks. Although significant progress is being made, a broader international program is needed.