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On the development of a gridless inflation code for parachute simulations

Strickland, James H.; Homicz, G.F.; Gossler, A.A.; Porter, V.L.

In this paper the current status of an unsteady 3D parachute simulation code that is being developed at Sandia National Laboratories under the Department of Energy's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) is discussed. The Vortex Inflation PARachute code (VIPAR) that embodies this effort is being developed to perform complete numerical simulations of ribbon parachute deployment, inflation, and steady descent utilizing several thousand processors on one of the DOE "teraFLOP" computers. First generation working serial and parallel versions of the uncoupled fluids code that simulate unsteady 3D incompressible flows around bluff bodies with complex geometries have been developed. Preliminary results from the uncoupled fluids code along with the fluid-structure coupling strategy are presented herein.