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New applications of the verdict library for standardized mesh verification pre, post, and end-to-end processing

P├ębay, Philippe P.; Thompson, David; Shepherd, Jason F.; Knupp, Patrick K.; Lisle, Curtis; Magnotta, Vincent A.; Grosland, Nicole M.

Verdict is a collection of subroutines for evaluating the geometric qualities of triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedra, and hexahedra using a variety of functions. A quality is a real number assigned to one of these shapes depending on its particular vertex coordinates. These functions are used to evaluate the input to finite element, finite volume, boundary element, and other types of solvers that approximate the solution to partial differential equations defined over regions of space. This article describes the most recent version of Verdict and provides a summary of the main properties of the quality functions offered by the library. It finally demonstrates the versatility and applicability of Verdict by illustrating its use in several scientific applications that pertain to pre, post, and end-to-end processing.