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MueLu User's Guid for Trilinos Version 11.12

Hu, Jonathan J.; Prokopenko, Andrey V.; Wiesner, Tobias A.; Siefert, Christopher S.; Tuminaro, Raymond S.

This is the official user guide for the M UE L U multigrid library in Trilinos version 11.12. This guide provides an overview of M UE L U , its capabilities, and instructions for new users who want to start using M UE L U with a minimum of effort. Detailed information is given on how to drive M UE L U through its XML interface. Links to more advanced use cases are given. This guide gives information on how to achieve good parallel performance, as well as how to introduce new algorithms. Finally, readers will find a comprehensive listing of available M UE L U options. Any options not documented in this manual should be considered strictly experimental.