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Local bounds preserving stabilization for continuous Galerkin discretization of hyperbolic systems

Mabuza, Sibusiso M.; Shadid, John N.; Kuzmin, Dmitri

The objective of this paper is to present a local bounds preserving stabilized finite element scheme for hyperbolic systems on unstructured meshes based on continuous Galerkin (CG) discretization in space. A CG semi-discrete scheme with low order artificial dissipation that satisfies the local extremum diminishing (LED) condition for systems is used to discretize a system of conservation equations in space. The low order artificial diffusion is based on approximate Riemann solvers for hyperbolic conservation laws. In this case we consider both Rusanov and Roe artificial diffusion operators. In the Rusanov case, two designs are considered, a nodal based diffusion operator and a local projection stabilization operator. The result is a discretization that is LED and has first order convergence behavior. To achieve high resolution, limited antidiffusion is added back to the semi-discrete form where the limiter is constructed from a linearity preserving local projection stabilization operator. The procedure follows the algebraic flux correction procedure usually used in flux corrected transport algorithms. To further deal with phase errors (or terracing) common in FCT type methods, high order background dissipation is added to the antidiffusive correction. The resulting stabilized semi-discrete scheme can be discretized in time using a wide variety of time integrators. Numerical examples involving nonlinear scalar Burgers equation, and several shock hydrodynamics simulations for the Euler system are considered to demonstrate the performance of the method. For time discretization, Crank–Nicolson scheme and backward Euler scheme are utilized.