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LOCA 1.0 Library of Continuation Algorithms: Theory and Implementation Manual

Salinger, Andrew G.; Pawlowski, Roger P.; Lehoucq, Richard B.; Romero, L.A.; Wilkes, Edward D.

LOCA, the Library of Continuation Algorithms, is a software library for performing stability analysis of large-scale applications. LOCA enables the tracking of solution branches as a function of a system parameter, the direct tracking of bifurcation points, and, when linked with the ARPACK library, a linear stability analysis capability. It is designed to be easy to implement around codes that already use Newton's method to converge to steady-state solutions. The algorithms are chosen to work for large problems, such as those that arise from discretizations of partial differential equations, and to run on distributed memory parallel machines. This manual presents LOCA's continuation and bifurcation analysis algorithms, and instructions on how to implement LOCA with an application code. The LOCA code is being made publicly available at