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LDRD report : parallel repartitioning for optimal solver performance

Devine, Karen D.; Boman, Erik G.; Devine, Karen D.; Heaphy, Robert T.; Hendrickson, Bruce A.; Heroux, Michael A.

We have developed infrastructure, utilities and partitioning methods to improve data partitioning in linear solvers and preconditioners. Our efforts included incorporation of data repartitioning capabilities from the Zoltan toolkit into the Trilinos solver framework, (allowing dynamic repartitioning of Trilinos matrices); implementation of efficient distributed data directories and unstructured communication utilities in Zoltan and Trilinos; development of a new multi-constraint geometric partitioning algorithm (which can generate one decomposition that is good with respect to multiple criteria); and research into hypergraph partitioning algorithms (which provide up to 56% reduction of communication volume compared to graph partitioning for a number of emerging applications). This report includes descriptions of the infrastructure and algorithms developed, along with results demonstrating the effectiveness of our approaches.