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LDRD final report : a lightweight operating system for multi-core capability class supercomputers

Pedretti, Kevin P.; Levenhagen, Michael J.; Ferreira, Kurt; Brightwell, Ronald B.; Kelly, Suzanne M.; Bridges, Patrick G.

The two primary objectives of this LDRD project were to create a lightweight kernel (LWK) operating system(OS) designed to take maximum advantage of multi-core processors, and to leverage the virtualization capabilities in modern multi-core processors to create a more flexible and adaptable LWK environment. The most significant technical accomplishments of this project were the development of the Kitten lightweight kernel, the co-development of the SMARTMAP intra-node memory mapping technique, and the development and demonstration of a scalable virtualization environment for HPC. Each of these topics is presented in this report by the inclusion of a published or submitted research paper. The results of this project are being leveraged by several ongoing and new research projects.