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Hierarchical Task-Data Parallelism using Kokkos and Qthreads

Edwards, Harold C.; Olivier, Stephen L.; Berry, Jonathan W.; Mackey, Greg; Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran R.; Wolf, Michael W.; Kim, Kyungjoo K.; Stelle, George

This report describes a new capability for hierarchical task-data parallelism using Sandia's Kokkos and Qthreads, and evaluation of this capability with sparse matrix Cholesky factor- ization and social network triangle enumeration mini-applications. Hierarchical task-data parallelism consists of a collection of tasks with executes-after dependences where each task contains data parallel operations performed on a team of hardware threads. The collection of tasks and dependences form a directed acyclic graph of tasks - a task DAG . Major chal- lenges of this research and development effort include: portability and performance across multicore CPU; manycore Intel Xeon Phi, and NVIDIA GPU architectures; scalability with respect to hardware concurrency and size of the task DAG; and usability of the application programmer interface (API).