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Exploring human-technology interaction in layered security military applications

Wachtel, Amanda; Hoffman, Matthew J.; Lawton, Craig R.; Speed, Ann S.; Gauthier, John H.; Kittinger, Robert

System-of-systems modeling has traditionally focused on physical systems rather than humans, but recent events have proved the necessity of considering the human in the loop. As technology becomes more complex and layered security continues to increase in importance, capturing humans and their interactions with technologies within the system-of-systems will be increasingly necessary. After an extensive job-task analysis, a novel type of system-ofsystems simulation model has been created to capture the human-technology interactions on an extra-small forward operating base to better understand performance, key security drivers, and the robustness of the base. In addition to the model, an innovative framework for using detection theory to calculate d’ for individual elements of the layered security system, and for the entire security system as a whole, is under development.