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Exploring failure recovery for stencil-based applications at extreme scales

Gamell, Marc; Teranishi, Keita T.; Heroux, Michael A.; Mayo, Jackson M.; Kolla, Hemanth K.; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Parashar, Manish

Application resilience is a key challenge that must be ad-dressed in order to realize the exascale vision. Previous work has shown that online recovery, even when done in a global manner (i.e., involving all processes), can dramatically re-duce the overhead of failures when compared to the more traditional approach of terminating the job and restarting it from the last stored checkpoint. In this paper we suggest going one step further, and explore how local recovery can be used for certain classes of applications to reduce the over-heads due to failures. Specifically we study the feasibility of local recovery for stencil-based parallel applications and we show how multiple independent failures can be masked to effectively reduce the impact on the total time to solution.