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Evaluation of Programming Language-Aware Diffs for Improving Developer Productivity

Siefert, Christopher S.; Smith, Timothy A.; Ridgway, Elliott M.

As the number of supported platforms for SNL software increases, so do the testing requirements. This increases the total time spent between when a developer submits code for testing, and when tests are completed. This in turn leads developers to hold off submitting code for testing, meaning that when code is ready for testing there's a lot more of it. This increases the likelihood of merge conflicts which the developer must resolve by hand -- because someone else touched the files near the lines the developer touched. Current text-based diff tools often have trouble resolving conflicts in these cases. Work in Europe and Japan has demonstrated that, using programming language aware diff tools (e.g., using the abstract syntax tree (AST) a compiler might generate) can reduce the manual labor necessary to resolve merge conflicts. These techniques can detect code blocks which have moved, as opposed than current text-based diff tools, which only detect insertions / deletions of text blocks. In this study, we evaluate one such tool, GumTree, and see how effective it is as a replacement for traditional text-based diff approaches.