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Equation of state for a high-density glass

Wills, Ann E.; Wills, Ann E.

Properties of relevance for the equation of state for a high-density glass are discussed. We review the effects of failure waves, comminuted phase, and compaction on the validity of the Mie-Grueneisen EOS. The specific heat and the Grueneisen parameter at standard conditions for a {rho}{sub 0} = 5.085 g/cm{sup 3} glass ('Glass A') is then estimated to be 522 mJ/g/K and 0.1-0.3, respectively. The latter value is substantially smaller than the value of 2.1751 given in the SESAME tables for a high-density glass with {rho}{sub 0} = 5.46 g/cm{sup 3}. The present unusual value of the Grueneisen parameter is confirmed from the volume dependence determined from fitting the Mie-Grueneisen EOS to shock data in Ref. [2].