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Elastic wave propagation in variable media using a discontinuous Galerkin method

Smith, Thomas M.; Collis, Samuel S.; Ober, Curtis C.; Overfelt, James R.; Schwaiger, Hans F.

Motivated by the needs of seismic inversion and building on our prior experience for fluid-dynamics systems, we present a high-order discontinuous Galerkin (DG) Runge-Kutta method applied to isotropic, linearized elasto-dynamics. Unlike other DG methods recently presented in the literature, our method allows for inhomogeneous material variations within each element that enables representation of realistic earth models — a feature critical for future use in seismic inversion. Likewise, our method supports curved elements and hybrid meshes that include both simplicial and nonsimplicial elements. We demonstrate the capabilities of this method through a series of numerical experiments including hybrid mesh discretizations of the Marmousi2 model as well as a modified Marmousi2 model with a oscillatory ocean bottom that is exactly captured by our discretization.