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Combining Physics and Machine Learning for the Next Generation of Molecular Simulation

Rackers, Joshua R.

Simulating molecules and atomic systems at quantum accuracy is a grand challenge for science in the 21st century. Quantum-accurate simulations would enable the design of new medicines and the discovery of new materials. The defining problem in this challenge is that quantum calculations on large molecules, like proteins or DNA, are fundamentally impossible with current algorithms. In this work, we explore a range of different methods that aim to make large, quantum-accurate simulations possible. We show that using advanced classical models, we can accurately simulate ion channels, an important biomolecular system. We show how advanced classical models can be implemented in an exascale-ready software package. Lastly, we show how machine learning can learn the laws of quantum mechanics from data and enable quantum electronic structure calculations on thousands of atoms, a feat that is impossible for current algorithms. Altogether, this work shows that combining advances in physics models, computing, and machine learning, we are moving closer to the reality of accurately simulating our molecular world.