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Coarse-grained energy modeling of rollback/recovery mechanisms

Ibtesham, Dewan; Debonis, David; Arnold, Dorian; Ferreira, Kurt

As high-performance computing systems continue to grow in size and complexity, energy efficiency and reliability have emerged as first-order concerns. Researchers have shown that data movement is a significant contributing factor to power consumption on these systems. Additionally, rollback/recovery protocols like checkpoint/restart can generate large volumes of data traffic exacerbating the energy and power concerns. In this work, we show that a coarse-grained model can be used effectively to speculate about the energy footprints of rollback/recovery protocols. Using our validated model, we evaluate the energy footprint of checkpoint compression, a method that incurs higher computational demand to reduce data volumes and data traffic. Specifically, we show that while checkpoint compression leads to more frequent checkpoints (as per the optimal checkpoint frequency) and increases per checkpoint energy cost, compression still yields a decrease in total application energy consumption due to the overall runtime decrease.