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Brief announcement: Subgraph Isomorphism on a MultiThreaded shared memory architecture

Ralph, Claire C.; Leung, Vitus J.; McLendon, William C.

Graph algorithms tend to suffer poor performance due to the irregularity of access patterns within general graph data structures, arising from poor data locality, which translates to high memory latency. The result is that advances in high-performance solutions for graph algorithms are most likely to come through advances in both architectures and algorithms. Specialized MMT shared memory machines offer a potentially transformative environment in which to approach the problem. Here, we explore the challenges of implementing Subgraph Isomorphism (SI) algorithms based on the Ullmann and VF2 algorithms in the Cray XMT environment, where issues of memory contention, scheduling, and compiler parallelizability must be optimized. Copyright is held by the author/owner(s).