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AztecOO user guide

Heroux, Michael A.

The Trilinos{trademark} Project is an effort to facilitate the design, development, integration and ongoing support of mathematical software libraries. AztecOO{trademark} is a package within Trilinos that enables the use of the Aztec solver library [19] with Epetra{trademark} [13] objects. AztecOO provides access to Aztec preconditioners and solvers by implementing the Aztec 'matrix-free' interface using Epetra. While Aztec is written in C and procedure-oriented, AztecOO is written in C++ and is object-oriented. In addition to providing access to Aztec capabilities, AztecOO also provides some signficant new functionality. In particular it provides an extensible status testing capability that allows expression of sophisticated stopping criteria as is needed in production use of iterative solvers. AztecOO also provides mechanisms for using Ifpack [2], ML [20] and AztecOO itself as preconditioners.