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ASCR Workshop on Quantum Computing for Science

Aspuru-Guzik, Alan A.; van Dam, Wim v.; Farhi, Edward F.; Gaitan, Frank G.; Humble, Travis S.; Jordan, Stephen J.; Landahl, Andrew J.; Love, Peter J.; Lucas, Robert F.; Preskill, John P.; Muller, Richard P.; Svore, Krysta S.; Wiebe, Nathan W.; Williams, Carl W.

This report details the findings of the DOE ASCR Workshop on Quantum Computing for Science that was organized to assess the viability of quantum computing technologies to meet the computational requirements of the DOE’s science and energy mission, and to identify the potential impact of quantum technologies. The workshop was held on February 17-18, 2015, in Bethesda, MD, to solicit input from members of the quantum computing community. The workshop considered models of quantum computation and programming environments, physical science applications relevant to DOE's science mission as well as quantum simulation, and applied mathematics topics including potential quantum algorithms for linear algebra, graph theory, and machine learning. This report summarizes these perspectives into an outlook on the opportunities for quantum computing to impact problems relevant to the DOE’s mission as well as the additional research required to bring quantum computing to the point where it can have such impact.