Publications / SAND Report

AI-enhanced Codesign for Next-Generation Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems

Cardwell, Suma G.; Smith, John D.; Crowder, Douglas C.

This report details work that was completed to address the Fiscal Year 2022 Advanced Science and Technology (AS&T) Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) call for “AI-enhanced Co-Design of Next Generation Microelectronics.” This project required concurrent contributions from the fields of 1) materials science, 2) devices and circuits, 3) physics of computing, and 4) algorithms and system architectures. During this project, we developed AI-enhanced circuit design methods that relied on reinforcement learning and evolutionary algorithms. The AI-enhanced design methods were tested on neuromorphic circuit design problems that have real-world applications related to Sandia’s mission needs. The developed methods enable the design of circuits, including circuits that are built from emerging devices, and they were also extended to enable novel device discovery. We expect that these AI-enhanced design methods will accelerate progress towards developing next-generation, high-performance neuromorphic computing systems.