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A Taxonomy of Small Markovian Errors

Blume-Kohout, Robin J.; da Silva, Marcus P.; Nielsen, Erik N.; Proctor, Timothy J.; Rudinger, Kenneth M.; Sarovar, Mohan S.; Young, Kevin C.

Errors in quantum logic gates are usually modeled by quantum process matrices (CPTP maps). But process matrices can be opaque and unwieldy. We show how to transform the process matrix of a gate into an error generator that represents the same information more usefully. We construct a basis of simple and physically intuitive elementary error generators, classify them, and show how to represent the error generator of any gate as a mixture of elementary error generators with various rates. Finally, we show how to build a large variety of reduced models for gate errors by combining elementary error generators and/or entire subsectors of generator space. We conclude with a few examples of reduced models, including one with just 9N2 parameters that describes almost all commonly predicted errors on an N-qubit processor.