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A functional designed to include surface effects in self-consistent DFT

Wills, Ann E.

We design a density-functional-theory (DFT) exchange-correlation functional that enables an accurate treatment of systems with electronic surfaces. Surface-specific approximations for both exchange and correlation energies are developed. A subsystem functional approach is then used: an interpolation index combines the surface functional with a functional for interior regions. When the local density approximation is used in the interior, the result is a straightforward functional for use in self-consistent DFT. The functional is validated for two metals (Al, Pt) and one semiconductor (Si) by calculations of (i) established bulk properties (lattice constants and bulk moduli) and (ii) a property where surface effects exist (the vacancy formation energy). Good and coherent results indicate that this functional may serve well as a universal first choice for solid-state systems and that yet improved functionals can be constructed by this approach.