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A comparison of computational methods for the maximum contact map overlap of protein pairs

Hart, William E.; Hart, William E.; Carr, Robert D.

The maximum contact map overlap (MAX-CMO) between a pair of protein structures can be used as a measure of protein similarity. It is a purely topological measure and does not depend on the sequence of the pairs involved in the comparison. More importantly, the MAX-CMO present a very favorable mathematical structure which allows the formulation of integer, linear and Lagrangian models that can be used to obtain guarantees of optimality. It is not the intention of this paper to discuss the mathematical properties of MAX-CMO in detail as this has been dealt elsewhere. In this paper we compare three algorithms that can be used to obtain maximum contact map overlaps between protein structures. We will point to the weaknesses and strengths of each one. It is our hope that this paper will encourage researchers to develop new and improve methods for protein comparison based on MAX-CMO.