E3SM – Energy Exascale Earth System Model

E3SM is an unprecedented collaboration among seven National Laboratories, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, four academic institutions and one private-sector company to develop and apply the most complete leading-edge climate and Earth system models to the most challenging and demanding climate change research imperatives. It is the only major national modeling project designed to address U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) mission needs and specifically targets DOE Leadership Computing Facility resources now and in the future, because DOE researchers do not have access to other major climate computing centers. A major motivation for the E3SM project is the coming paradigm shift in computing architectures and their related programming models as capability moves into the Exascale era.  DOE, through its science programs and early adoption of new computing architectures, traditionally leads many scientific communities, including climate and Earth system simulation, through these disruptive changes in computing. 

Computational Mathematics
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Taylor, Mark A, mataylo@sandia.gov