Steve Plimpton Awarded the 2020 SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing Career Prize

Steve Plimpton has been awarded the 2020 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) 2020 Activity Group on Supercomputing Career Prize.  This prestigious award is given every two years to an outstanding researcher who has made broad and distinguished contributions to the field of algorithm development for parallel scientific computing.  According to SIAM, the Career Prize recognizes Steve’s “seminal algorithmic and software contributions to parallel molecular dynamics, to parallel crash and impact simulations, and for leadership in modular open-source parallel software.”

Steve is the originator of several successful software projects, most notably the open-source LAMMPS code for molecular dynamics.  Since its release in 2004, LAMMPS has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has grown to become a leading particle-based materials modeling code worldwide.  Steve’s leadership in parallel scientific computing has led to many opportunities for the Center for Computing Research to collaborate on high-performance computing projects both within and outside Sandia National Laboratories.

Steve Plimpton
Steve Plimpton
David John Littlewood,

February 1, 2020