Sandia to receive Fujitsu supercomputer processor

This spring, CCR researchers anticipate Sandia becoming one of the first DOE laboratories to receive the newest A64FX Fujitsu processor, a Japanese Arm-based processor optimized for high-performance computing.The 48-core A64FX processor was designed for Japan’s soon-to-be-deployed Fugaku supercomputer, which incorporates high-bandwidth memory. It also is the first to fully utilize wide vector lanes that were designed around Arm’s Scalable Vector Extensions. These wide vector lanes make possible a type of data-level parallelism where a single instruction operates on multiple data elements arranged in parallel. Penguin Computer Inc. will deliver the new system — the first Fujitsu PRIMEHPC FX700 with A64FX processors. Sandia will evaluate Fujitsu’s new processor and compiler using DOE mini- and proxy-applications and will share the results with Fujitsu and Penguin. More details are available here.

A64FX Processor
James H. Laros,

May 1, 2020