Karen Devine awarded the Society of Women Engineers 2019 Prism Award

Karen Devine has been awarded the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) 2019 Prism Award.  According to SWE, "the Prism Award recognizes a woman who has charted her own path throughout her career, providing leadership in technology fields and professional organizations along the way."   Karen has been deservedly awarded this honor based on her contributions as a “computer science researcher, project leader, customer liaison, mentor and STEM outreach advocate.”  Her contributions in delivering algorithms and high-quality software that improve the performance of engineering simulation codes at Sandia are particularly noteworthy.

Karen has been a trailblazer for open-source software practices and policies in Sandia.  Now her software is “used in national laboratories, industry, and universities world-wide, with 4500+ downloads of just one of her software libraries.”  Karen has demonstrated “strong and effective leadership of small software teams, multi-million dollar projects across many national laboratories, local STEM service projects, and international professional societies.”  Karen will be presented with the Prism Award at SWE’s WE19 conference on November 7.

Karen Devine, 2019 SWE Prism Award Winner
Karen Devine, 2019 SWE Prism Award Winner
Michael Wolf, mmwolf@sandia.gov

November 1, 2019

News story url: https://www.sandia.gov/ccr/news/karen-devine-awarded-the-society-of-women-engineers-2019-prism-award/