DARPA/Amazon/IEEE Graph Challenge Champion

A Sandia team from the Center for Computational Research (Michael Wolf, Mehmet Deveci, Jon Berry, Si Hammond, and Siva Rajamanickam) was awarded champion status in the 2017 DARPA/Amazon/IEEE Graph Challenge (http://graphchallenge.mit.edu/champions) for their fast triangle counting implementation KKTri.  KKTri was developed as part of the KokkosKernels framework, leveraging linear algebra-based triangle counting algorithms developed in the data analytics miniapp miniTri and performance portable on-node parallelism provided by Kokkos.  KKTri was able to count 35 billion triangles (in a 1.2 billion edge graph) in 43 seconds on a single compute node.  The work is described in the paper:  Wolf, Deveci, Berry, Hammond, Rajamanickam. “Fast Linear Algebra Based Triangle Counting with KokkosKernels,” Proceedings of IEEE HPEC, 2017.

DARPA/Amazon/IEEE Graph Challenge Champion
Michael Wolf, mmwolf@sandia.gov

December 1, 2017

News story url: https://www.sandia.gov/ccr/news/darpa-amazon-ieee-graph-challenge-champion/