CCR Applied Mathematician Wins DOE Early Career Research Award

Image of pete_bosler_sm

CCR researcher Pete Bosler won a Department of Energy Office of Science Early Career Research Award of up to $500,000 annually for five years. The Early Career Research Program, now in its 13th year, is designed to provide support to researchers during their early career years. This year, DOE awarded 83 scientists nationwide, including 27 from the national laboratories and a total of four from Sandia. Bosler’s proposal entitled "High Performance Adaptive Multiscale Simulation with Data-driven Scale Selective Subgrid Parameterizations" aims to explore multiscale simulations that, integrated, could combine individual raindrops, thunderstorms, and the entire global atmosphere, guided by data currently thought too fine to be used, that is, too small to be seen on a data grid, or in other words, subgrid.

See the Sandia news release for more details.

Curt Ober,

July 29, 2022