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Best Student Paper Award: “Characterizing and Mitigating Work Time Inflation in Task Parallel Programs”

November 15, 2012 • Best paper/poster, ACM / IEEE Supercomputing (SC12).

Backfilling with guarantees granted upon job submission

October 25, 2012 • Invited Talk, New Challenges in Scheduling Theory.

Translating new neurons from mice to humans: the computational neuroscience of scale

October 10, 2012 • Invited Talk, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute.

Subgraph isomorphism in a multithreaded shared memory architecture

September 19, 2012 • Invited Talk, Knox College Computer Science Department.

Honorable Mention for Notable Technology Development: DAKOTA Software

September 15, 2012 • Award, Federal Laboratory Consortium .

Senior Member

September 4, 2012 • Internal - employee recognition award, IEEE. Senior Member is the highest professional grade of the IEEE for which a member may apply. It requires experience, and reflects professional accomplishment and...

Editor for Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation

July 1, 2012 • Journal/book editor, 6th International Conference on Automatic Differentiation.

SPOT Award

April 24, 2012 • Internal - spot award, Sandia National Laboratories. "For outstanding work in leading the development of Prism and providing training in its use."

Exascale Research Conference

April 15, 2012 • Invited Talk, DOE.

Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

March 30, 2012 • Professional society promotion, SIAM, Philadelphia. 2012 Class of SIAM Fellows

Best Paper, 20th High Performance Computing Symposium

March 15, 2012 • Best paper/poster, Conference.

Applications of Mathematics Colloquium

February 7, 2012 • Invited Talk, Loyola University Chicago.

Computational Function of Adult Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus

February 2, 2012 • Invited Talk, University of New Mexico Neuroscience Seminar Series.

Workshop on Advanced Computational Engineering, Oberwolfach, Germany

February 1, 2012 • Invited Talk, MFO.

Workshop on Mathematical Theory and Computational Methods for Multiscale Problems

January 21, 2012 • Invited Talk, National University of Singapore.

Best Poster

November 15, 2011 • Best paper/poster, IEEE/ACM International Conference on High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC'11) Conference.

Solving PDEs with Intrepid

November 5, 2011 • Invited Talk, 11th red Rider min-simposium..

Guest editor: special issue on “Physics-compatible numerical methods”

November 1, 2011 – April 1, 2012 • Journal/book editor, Journal of Computational Physics. Other guest editors for this issue: Remi Abgrall (University of Bordeaux and INRIA), Jason Frank (CWI and University of Amsterdam), Barry Koren (CWI and...

Minisymposium Organizer

October 16, 2011 – February 17, 2012 • Society/professional leadership, SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing.

Mimetic Discrete Models with Weak Material Laws, or Least Squares Methods Revisited

October 7, 2011 • Invited Talk, The Thirty-sixth Woudschoten Conference, Netherlands.

Mimetic discretizations and what they can do for you

October 5, 2011 • Invited Talk, The Thirty-sixth Woudschoten Conference, Netherlands.

2011 National Nuclear Security Administration Defense Programs Award of Excellence

September 1, 2011 • Other external recognition, National Nuclear Security Administration.

Individual Performance Award

August 1, 2011 • Internal - spot award, Organization 01420.

Optimization-Based Decomposition of Multiphysics Problems with Applications to Solver Design

July 22, 2011 • Invited Talk, ICIAM 11, Vancouver. Presented at special session on "Solution Algorithms for Multiple-Component Constrained Partial Differential Equations"

A Locally Conservative, Discontinuous Least-squares Finite Element for the Stokes Equations

July 19, 2011 • Invited Talk, ICIAM 11, Vancouver. Presented at special session on "Advances in locally mass conservative discretizations for fluid flows"
Results 51–75 of 130