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Prohibited Articles

The following items may not be brought on to Sandia controlled premises:

  • Personal chemical protection sprays, except as follows:
    • Small containers (3.5 ounces or less at SNL/NM, 2.5 ounces or less at SNL/CA) of personal chemical protection sprays are not considered contraband, prohibited, or controlled items, except in protected areas.
    • Personal chemical protection sprays are prohibited within protected areas, regardless of quantity.
  • Personally owned firearms.
  • Personally owned explosives, pyrotechnics, or propellants.
  • Personally owned instruments or materials that are likely to produce substantial injury or damage to persons or property.

Note: In circumstances where the potential danger associated with an item is questionable, consult the physical security contact for additional information.

  • Illegal drugs (does not include controlled substances with medical approval) .
  • Drug paraphernalia.
  • Intoxicants.

Note: Alcoholic beverages are allowed on Sandia-controlled premises when temporarily stored in unopened, sealed containers in a locked vehicle within general SNL parking areas.

Prohibited and Controlled Electronic Devices and Media

Certain electronic devices or their features are prohibited or controlled at SNL because they present a risk of compromising classified or sensitive information. The degree of prohibition varies depending on several factors, including the following:

  • The risk presented by the device or feature(s).
  • Type of security area and the protections available.
  • Whether there is classified matter, discussions, or processing in the area.
  • Whether the item is prohibited by federal, state, or local law (e.g., radar detectors are prohibited on KAFB).

Equipment and devices that are prohibited or controlled are those with features that include (but are not limited to):

  • Recording capabilities, including audio and visual.
  • Wireless capabilities, including Radio frequency (RF) transmitting, satellite, and infrared.
  • Portable devices with modems or other data exchange ports.
  • Removable computer media.
  • Non-Sandia owned devices.

Protective Force personnel or Sandia management may confiscate items that potentially qualify as prohibited or controlled items. Such items may be returned or replaced at Sandia’s discretion. 

For questions regarding electronic medical devices as controlled articles, contact the Controlled and Prohibited Article (CAPA) Program at


Personally Owned - An item that is owned by an individual and intended for their personal use; not procured with funds related to a Sandia business purpose.

Protected area - A security area encompassed by physical barriers, surrounded by an intrusion detection and assessment system, and having access controls for the protection of larger quantities of special materials, such as Tech Area 5 at SNL/NM. Not applicable at SNL/CA.

Sandia-Controlled Premises - Real property or buildings (or portions thereof) owned, leased, or withdrawn by or permitted to DOE and designated for Sandia National Laboratories. Includes leased or permitted commercial space (e.g., Research Park in Albuquerque, NM). It does not include sites where Sandia National Laboratories performs work but DOE has no legal interest (e.g., a courtesy office provided to a visitor on the premises of a technology transfer partner).

Security Area - A physically defined space (identified by posted signs and some form of access control) containing special nuclear material, classified matter, or property. All space owned/leased by Sandia falls within the three following security areas: property protection, limited, and protected.