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What is OPSEC?

  • Acronym for Operations Security
  • Five-step process / Simplified Two-step
  • Supplements formal security disciplines
  • Industry-wide (private and govt.)
  • Applies to programs and activities at SNL and subcontractors

Goals of OPSEC

  • To improve security posture and reduce risk
  • Make intelligence or information gathering more difficult
  • To deny or delay adversaries from obtaining classified or OPSEC Critical Information

OPSEC Good Practices

  • Properly handle and destroy classified and sensitive unclassified information
  • Phones, cell phones, faxes, and radios are subject to interception
  • Be security-minded when doing these activities
  • Use the most secure means of communicating
  • Guard against unsolicited inquiries to obtain sensitive information (by person, phone, email, or social sites)
  • Ensure critical information is not put in recycling or trash
  • When off of SNL premises, keep your SNL badge out of site
  • Don’t reveal critical info on internet social sites
  • MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Avoid listing your SNL association
  • Observe the Need-to-Know principle

OPSEC Simplified

Two Steps:

  • Know what needs to be protected!
  • Know how to protect it!

Helpful Resources

The following brochures, published by SNL, are helpful resources in explaning the OPSEC process, both at work and at home.