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SEC050, Initial Security Briefing

Required For
All individuals, cleared and uncleared, who are newly hired, assigned, or transferred to a site who receive an initial DOE security badge. This briefing provides an overview of security responsibilities of all individuals with access to Sandia-controlled premises and other U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities.

The briefing must be completed before receiving an initial badge and assuming duties at any site.

Delivery Method

A SEC050, Initial Security Briefing is provided to individuals at Sandia site’s Badge or Visitor Control offices. Individuals are provided the handout as a reference guide for security responsibilities and identifies points of contact.

Receiving Credit     
Sandia site’s Badge or Visitor Control offices will release the Initial Security briefing hold, if applicable.

SEC150, Comprehensive Security Briefing

Required For
All cleared individuals prior to receiving a cleared badge and initial access to classified matter or special nuclear material (SNM).

Delivery Method

California (SNL/CA) and New Mexico (SNL/NM): Four-hour, site-specific, live briefing.


  • New Clearance applicants will receive an email advising them to enroll, with a 60-day target completion date.
  • Applicants may enroll in SEC150 before their clearances are granted.
  • Individuals who can't attend a live briefing may contact to make other arrangements.

Receiving Credit
Completion will be recorded at the live briefing.

SEC100, Annual Security Refresher Briefing

Required For
All employees, contractors, and consultants who possess clearances in support of SNL.

Delivery Method

California (SNL/CA) and New Mexico (SNL/NM): Through TEDS training utility on SNL's internal web.

Note: Individuals who cannot access the internal web may complete SEC100, Annual Security Refresher [pdf]. Older versions of SEC100 will not be accepted. Always check this website prior to submitting SEC100, to ensure the latest version is being used.

Receiving Credit
Completion will be recorded automatically by TEDS or, for those using the booklet, a completion record (which accompanies the briefing material) must be submitted electronically to or faxed to 505-844-7802.

Note: Completions may take up to 5 working days to be entered. Ensure completions are submitted in advance of the due date to avoid badge deactivation.

SEC225, Termination Briefing

Required For
Clearance-holders who no longer need their clearances, will be on a leave of absence for 90 working days or longer, or terminate their support of SNL.

This briefing emphasizes the individual’s continuing responsibility not to disclose classified information to which he has had access, and the obligation to return all wholly or partially classified documents and materials in the individual’s possession. This briefing also covers the potential penalties for noncompliance. This briefing must be given by the FSO or Sandia Designated Representative as follows:

  • On the individual’s last day worked; or
  • The day it becomes known that the individual no longer requires access to classified information or matter, or special nuclear material; or
  • Immediately upon becoming aware that the individual is taking a leave of absence of 90 working days or more.

Delivery Method

Print the DOE F 5631.29, Security Termination Statement and Security Termination Briefing (SEC225) (provided as one file). Review both documents with the individual. The individual must sign the Security Termination Statement. They may retain the Security Termination Briefing (SEC225).  Return the following to Sandia's Clearance Office:

  • Terminating individual's badge,
  • Completed and signed DOE F 5631.29, Security Termination Statement

Every effort should be made to obtain the individual’s signature. If this is not possible, provide on the completed but unsigned DOE F 5631.29, Security Termination Statement an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the termination and why the signature could not be obtained.

SEC301, Classified Matter Training

Required For
All individuals with a Q-clearance, and L-cleared individuals identified by their SNL Manager.

This course is designed to increase your understanding of policies, procedures, and practices for handling and protecting classified matter.

Delivery Method
Review the course materials by clicking the link below.
SEC301, Classified Matter Training  [pdf]

Receiving Credit

Credit will be given when the end of course test is completed and an 80% score or higher is achieved. See test instructions for more information.