About Me

My research focuses on methods to enable engineering design and analysis with large-scale computational models. These methods include:

  • Sensitivity analysis of chaotic dynamical systems. The goal of this research is to enable efficient design optimization, error estimation, and uncertainty quantification of large scale chaotic systems like scale-resolving turbulent flow simulations.
  • Reduced order modelling. The goal of this research is to exploit any underlying structure present in data generated by a “full order” large-scale computation model to construct a “reduced order” model that is accurate, robust, and significantly less costly.

Although the above methods are generally applicable, my main focus is on the following application spaces:

  • Unsteady Aerodynamics and Turbulence
  • Hypersonics and Aerothermodynamics

Recent Publication Highlights

  • Our AIAA journal paper on model reduction for hypersonic aerodynamics via conservative LSPG projection and hyper-reduction has been accepted for publication, link coming soon! (Joint work with F. Rizzi, K. Carlberg, M. Howard, and J. Fike)
  • Our preprint on a compute-bound formulation of Galerkin model reduction for linear time-invariant dynamical systems is available on the arXiv. (Joint work with F. Rizzi, E. Parish, and J. Tencer)