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Division 11000 support for COVID-19 impacts

Legal and Prime Contract Division supported both mission and mission enabling divisions on a wide variety of evolving complex legal issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. NTESS attorneys and Prime Contract professionals advised the Labs’ leadership, all levels of management and subject matter experts on the transition to a largely remote workforce, and a host of laws implemented and affected due to COVID-19, such as the FFRCA and CARES Acts, privacy laws, ADA, FMLA, pension and benefits and tax laws. Legal identified and proposed risk mitigation on potential liabilities for employers; implemented Prime Contract clause changes; obtained 85-804 indemnifications; assisted with rapid LDRD funding and technology deployment; and assisted with licensing and approval of COVID-19 testing and processing, medical requirements and numerous other initiatives to ensure employee health, safety and well-being, all of which enabled mission deliverables to be met. (11000)