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Summer fun with physics

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COSMETICS IN THE LAB — Systems engineer Danae Davis teaches summer camp participants how to create bath bombs and face masks during a demonstration about cosmetic chemistry. (Photo by Anna Llobet Megias)

The Summer Physics Camp for Young Women, sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia and the Hawaii Science and Technology Museum, welcomed 40 young women to programs in New Mexico and Hawaii this summer. Each two-week camp included hands-on experiences for participants interested in STEM careers.

In New Mexico, Sandia volunteers facilitated activities that demonstrated concepts like robotics, chemistry and cybersecurity. Volunteers also offered tips for resume writing, applying and interviewing for jobs, where to find job opportunities and how to pursue careers in STEM.

Image of physics-camp-dance
DANCE WITH SPOT — Robotics intern Alex Miera, center, leads a dance with camp participants and robot named Spot. Spot is a quadruped robot acquired by Sandia through an NNSA project that seeks to assist international nuclear safeguards inspectors with in-field inspection tasks, especially those that might be repetitive or hazardous. Here, Sandia is engaging in community outreach with Spot to encourage interest in STEM fields. (Video courtesy of the Summer Physics Camp for Young Women)
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EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY — Chemical engineer Amanda Sanchez volunteered with a group of Sandians who led hands-on STEM activities at the Summer Physics Camp for Young Women. (Photo by Anna Llobet Megias)

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