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Sandia Gives kicks off, supports nonprofits that promote financial planning and more

Oct. 4 marked the beginning of the 2021 Sandia Gives campaign, which runs through Oct. 22. Each fall, Sandia partners with United Way to promote access to basic needs and success for their local communities. Sandians are invited to donate to United Way and designate their contributions for specific nonprofits and causes that are meaningful to them.

A history of generosity

Last year, Sandians demonstrated overwhelming generosity during the annual campaign. The Labs’ staff supported their local communities by raising a record $4.845 million at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. These donations impacted the lives of thousands of individuals and families in California, Carlsbad, Albuquerque and beyond.

After contributing $208,907 through Sandia Gives in 2019, the Sandia/California workforce increased giving in 2020 by almost $60,000, raising $268,377 to support United Way Bay Area and other nonprofits and causes that serve local neighbors.

Spotlight on SparkPoint

Image of Shayenne benefits from program that receives Sandia Gives donations
MEET SHAYENNE — Shayenne is now financially independent and on her way toward a nursing degree, thanks to the support of SparkPoint centers, which receive funding from Sandia Gives donations. (Photo courtesy of United Way Bay Area)

SparkPoint, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting poverty, benefitted from Sandian donations to United Way Bay Area. Located in community colleges and shelters, SparkPoint centers provide free services to low-income families to help them meet basic needs, increase income, build credit, expand savings and reduce debt. Financial coaches work individually with community members to set goals, brainstorm strategies and set realistic action plans.

Shayenne, a Bay Area resident, has participated in the SparkPoint program. After she successfully completed a rehabilitation program, Shayenne was excited to find a new career by returning to school. However, she faced financial challenges in both meeting her nutritional needs and saving enough money to move from a transitional house to a permanent home.

Shayenne’s community college directed her to its on-campus SparkPoint center. This center gave her access to a SparkPoint food pantry and a financial coach. The coach helped connect Shayenne to additional resources and develop a financial plan.

Today, Shayenne is thriving. She lives happily in her own apartment and is excited about what the future holds as she pursues a nursing degree.

Thanks to the generous support of Sandia employees, SparkPoint now operates more than 20 centers in community colleges and shelters. Students connected to SparkPoint centers have been found to be 11-38% more likely to stay enrolled in school and to continue enrollment the following semester.

The SparkPoint program is one of many services offered by United Way and its partner nonprofits to support community members in meeting their nutritional, housing and safety needs.

Sandia’s long-standing partnership with United Way

United Way and its partner nonprofits rely on donations to serve local neighbors facing challenges from COVID-19, wildfires, financial hardship and more.

Flannery Mays, a corporate engagement officer at United Way Bay Area, has expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from Sandia. “No matter how large the problems of the world may be, there is no contribution too small; we all make a difference when we work together,” she said.

Donating funds through Sandia Gives is an opportunity for Sandians to continue to show up for local communities. Together, Sandians can do great things.

Visit the Sandia Gives website to learn more about the campaign and how to support local nonprofits and community members in need through generous contributions.