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Modern LAMP facility is latest building project for California campus

Image of LAMP facility groundbreaking
TURNING SHOVELS — From left, Sandia Field Office Officer Thomas McCall, Director Marcey Hoover, Director Pam McKeever, Associate Labs Director Andy McIlroy, Overaa Construction project managers Scott Thompson and Carl Overaa, and Sandia Field Officer Phillip Duarte helped break ground on the new Limited Area Multi-Program building on Aug. 11. (Photo by Dino Vournas)

On a warm summer morning in a vacant lot on Sandia’s California campus, Labs leadership joined Facilities staff, Protocol personnel and commercial contractors to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the California site’s latest construction project: the Limited Area Multi-Program Security Office Facility Building.

At the Aug. 11 event, Associate Labs Director Andy McIlroy talked about how important the project is for the California site.

“We have a huge surge of work at Sandia/California for our national security mission,” he said. “The increased limited-area office space that will be available once LAMP is built will touch all programs.”

The Limited Area Multi-Program project is part of a multiyear integrated effort to study California site space and manage site population. Construction of the 26,800-square-foot office space has started and is scheduled to be completed in early 2023.

Image of Rendering of the new LAMP facility
CALIFORNIA CAMPUS GROWTH — An artist’s rendering shows the concept for the Limited Area Multi-Program building, due to open in spring 2023.

The north portion of the lot is transforming into a two-story office building with four separate suites and flexible, collaborative office layouts to accommodate up to 110 people. The building emphasizes modern security features, including vault-type rooms and videoconference capabilities. Occupancy of the building is expected to take place in March 2023.

 “This project is part of a larger plan to modernize infrastructure,” said Pam McKeever, director of California site operations.

An investment in modern space for the site’s future, the new office building will provide limited-area space to accommodate growth in broad-based classified work at Sandia/California.