Sandia LabNews

Major upgrade to HOT Shot rocket program culminates in successful launch

The upgrade added new hardware necessary to recover the vehicle and new onboard memory chips, which researchers can retrieve after launch to gather 40 times more data than in previous missions.

Sandia creates global archive of historical renewable energy documents

The archive, which includes nearly sixty years of concentrating solar power research, is now easily and publicly accessible, a game-changer for solar researchers and engineers.

What if the secret to your brain’s elusive computing power is its randomness?

A group of scientists were awarded a $6 million project to design a computer that leverages unpredictability and mimics how the brain processes information.

Equipped for emergencies

Sandia broke ground on a state-of-the-art, 25,000-square-foot Emergency Operations Center. The complex is expected to be operational by spring 2023.

Sandia Gives kicks off, supports nonprofits that promote financial planning and more

Each fall, Sandia partners with United Way to support its communities in New Mexico and California. In 2020, Sandia/California raised to a record $268,377 to support United Way Bay Area.

National 2021 Diversity Team Award goes to Sandia

The eight-member diversity team was recognized for its efforts to advancing diversity, inclusion and equity at Sandia.

Sandia to offer new healthcare plan option during Open Enrollment

The Health Savings Plan premiums will cost about 25% less for most employees. Open Enrollment begins Oct. 25.

Modern LAMP facility is latest building project for California campus

Construction of the new Limited Area Multi-Program Security Office Facility Building is part of a multiyear effort to study and manage site population at Sandia/California.

District Attorney presents update on metro crime

The Community Engagement Speaker Series invited District Attorney Raúl Torrez to share updates to the crime rate in Bernalillo County and new law enforcement strategies.

Drew Kouri awarded DOE Early Career Research Program grant

The DOE awarded the grant to Drew for his algorithms that solve complex problems in technical fields that may involve uncertain or inexact responses. The grant provides funding for five years to cover his salary and research expenses.

Popular YouTube show features Sandia energy science

YouTube host and “Physics Girl” Dianna Cowen interviewed Sandia scientists Chris San Marchi and Anna Snider Lord for a video series about wind and solar energy storage.