EESAT 2022 Conference Agenda

Monday, November 7, 2022

4:00 – 8:00pmRegistration
5:00 – 6:30pmReception & Buffet Dinner
7:00 – 9:00pmWelcome Keynote Session

Welcome Keynote Session: Transforming the Grid – Evolution or Revolution?

Moderator: Hisham Othman, Quanta Technologies LLC

Clayton SticeERCOT
Manuel AvendanoSouthern California Edison
Kevin MaraGDS Associates, Inc.
Charles HanleySandia National Laboratories

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Welcome to EESAT

Welcome, Introduction, and Opening RemarksBabu ChalamalaChair, IEEE ESSB Committee / Sandia National Laboratories
Recent Developments in IEEE PESWayne BishopVP Meetings, IEEE PES

Opening Plenary Session: Application of Energy Storage to Address Decarbonization Challenges

Moderator: Sharma Kolluri, IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Program

Grid Strategy and AnalyticsJustin OdomCommonwealth Edison (ComEd)
New England Distributed Generation:
The Whole Picture
Michael ProcaroNational Grid
Where We Go from HereMatt Lind1898 & Co (Burns & McDonnell)

Technical Session 1: Energy Storage Transforming Traditional Power Systems

Moderator: David Rosewater, IEEE EESAT Technical Program Chair / Sandia National Laboratories

Evaluation of a Solar Plus Battery Energy Storage Microgrid Topology Transition from AC to HybridRafaela NascimentoUniversity of Pernambuco
Hydro-battery Hybrids – A Case for Holistic Assessment of Hybrid Energy SystemsVishvas Hiren ChalishazarPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage Gas Peaker Replacement: Optimal Sizing and Environmental BenefitsAmanda WestGeorgia Institute of Technology
Analysis of Energy Justice and Equity Impacts from Replacing Peaker Plants with Energy StorageBethel TarekegnePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Equity: Making the Case for Peaker Plant Replacement with Battery Energy StorageKhoi VuQuanta Technology

Energy Storage Sub-Committee Panel Session: A Window into the Energy Storage Future

Moderator: David Rosewater, IEEE EESAT Technical Program Chair / Sandia National Laboratories

Safety Codes & Standards: NFPA 855 – The
Bellwether Standard for ESS
Chris SearlesCGS and Associates
Mission Centric Microgrids IEEE 1547Casey ShullGo Electric, Inc.
The Next Generation of Energy Storage, TodayMichael HoffAmerican Battery Solutions
Trends in Energy StorageJose MarreroSouthern Company
Distributed Generation, Energy Storage and Interoperability Standards CommitteeMark SiiraIEEE Standards Committee 21 Chair

Technical Session 2: Energy Storage Optimization

Moderator: Ray Byrne, Sandia National Laboratories

Optimal Mobile Energy Storage Pre-Placement for Black-Start RestorationJoshua YipThe University of Texas at Austin
In Situ Adaptive Battery Parameter Estimation Algorithm with Cross-Validation and ObserverOindrilla DuttaSandia National Laboratories
Impact of Extreme Weather on Sizing Battery Energy Storage Systems: A Case Study of Fairbanks, AlaskaWalker OlisSandia National Laboratories
Optimal Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources Using Deep Deterministic Policy GradientAvijit DasPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in Ambient Temperature-Dependent Battery StacksVictoria ObrienTexas Tech University
Optimal Sizing and Operation of a Hybrid Clean Energy CenterXu MaPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Open Posters & Conference Supporters Session

Poster PresentationPresenterOrganization
Mitigation of PV Voltage Fluctuations using Adaptive Moving Average and Volt-var ControlEliot Jiménez-OrtegaThe University of Texas at Austin
Validation of the Power Plant Controller for Frequency Support Applications Using Hardware-in-the-Loop TestingMo’ath FarrajQuanta Technology
Underground Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Using Salt DomesWilliam TaggartCavern Energy Storage
Implementation of Model Predictive Control for Frequency Support in a Real-time Digital SimulatorTimothy HansenSouth Dakota State University
Effect of Time Resolution on Capacity Expansion Modeling to Quantify Value of Long-Duration Energy StoragePedro Andres Sanchez PerezUniversity of California, Merced
Global Energy Storage Database: Enhancing Features and Validation ProcedureUjjwol TamrakarSandia National Laboratories
Optimal Battery Dispatch to Assist a Water Injection System with Offshore Wind PowerBruna de LimaUniversity of São Paulo
Recommended Practice for Energy Storage Management Systems in Grid ApplicationsDavid Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories
A Lumped Analytical Model for Thermal Management of Sodium Nickel Chloride Battery ModuleJae Sung YangPusan National University

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Opening RemarksChris SearlesIEEE EESAT Conference Chair

Opening Plenary Session: Material Advances with Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium: Leadership from the Texas Materials Institute

The Future of Li TechnologiesArumugam (Ram) ManthiramEndowed Chair of Engineering
The Future of Lithium, Sodium, and PotassiumDavid MitlinEndowed Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Technical Session 3: Applications/Economics/Policy

Moderator: Charlie Vartanian, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Field Testing ResultsSteven WillardElectric Power Research Institute
Multiple-Use Application Between Wholesale Market and Distribution Level Microgrid with Vanadium Flow BatteryRiichi KitanoSumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Capacity Expansion Planning for LA Basin: The Role of Energy StoragePatrick MaloneyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
pIRP: A Probabilistic Tool for Long-Term Integrated Resource Planning of Power SystemsSalman NazirQuanta Technology
Assessing the Energy Equity Benefits of Energy Storage SolutionsJessica KerbyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Equitable Design of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Programs: A Customer PerspectiveJeremy TwitchellPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Stationary Battery Subcommittee Panel Session: Latest Breakthroughs in Pb Technologies

Curtis Ashton (Moderator)IEEE ESSB Stationary Battery Sub-Committee Chair
Matt Raiford
Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)
Jay FrankenhouseEnerSys
Reed ShickAdvanced Battery Concepts

Technical Session 4: Other Advanced Battery Technologies

Moderator: Matt Raiford, Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)

Novel Sodium – Polysulfide Flow Battery Grid-scale Energy Storage TechnologySai BhavarajuEnlighten Innovations
Deterioration-detection and Failure-detection Algorithms for Storage Batteries Using Hysteresis CharacteristicsJun TsunodaResearch & Development Group Hitachi, Ltd.

DC-Related Systems Subcommittee Panel Session: Transformative Technologies at the Grid Edge

Richard Hutchins (Moderator)IEEE ESSB DCRS Sub-Committee Chair
Alex HuangUniversity of Texas Austin
Leo CaseyGoogle X
Hawk AsgeirssonDetroit Edison (retired)

Technical Session 5: Advanced Power Electronics

Moderator: Valerio De Angelis, Sandia National Laboratories

Enhanced Inertial Support: Modeling Fast Frequency Response Controls for Energy Storage System InvertersAhmad TbailehPacific Northwest National Laboratory
An Intelligent Power Electronic System for Secondary Use BatteriesBenjamin DeanOak Ridge National Laboratory

Closing Remarks

Steve VechyIEEE ESSB Vice Chair